Welcome to Ballet 360 Academy by Barb's Centre for Dance! Our ballet academy provides unmatched ballet training for the Green Bay and Fox Valley area. 

Ballet 360 by Barb's Centre for Dance provides a flexible training schedule for all ballet students while maintaining a high level of focus and is available at both our Green Bay and Fox Valley locations. Ballet 360 students can cross over between both locations. The name Ballet 360, suggests and promotes the idea that our ballet training encompasses and surrounds all other dance technique providing the core and foundation for a solid, well rounded dance education.

The Ballet 360 program is a versatile and comprehensive training program based on the fundamentals of classical ballet. The program offers a wide range of classes all designed to maximize the students potential and growth. Our goal is to emphasize technical proficiency, artistry and education to prepare students for professional careers in all forms of dancing.  

In addition, Ballet 360 offers classes in PBT (Progressive Ballet Training). PBT is a strengthening program that uses muscle memory to improve stability, weight placement, and alignment. PBT uses fit balls and thera bands to help dancers "feel" the correct movement and engage proper muscles. The strength that develops transfers to body placement and muscle use in dance. 

Ballet 360 also offers a Boys Only Ballet class for those enrolled in levels III and IV/V. The class  emphasize on strength, pirouette technique and focus on movements that are more commonly used in male variations.